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Citizens of Senegal must get a visa to visit Saint Helena as tourist.

Key Things to Know

Visa Exemptions

Passengers with proof of St. Helenian Status, their accompanying spouses, partners and children if listed in an approved letter from immigration. Proof of St. Helenian Status is: - a Declaration of St Helenian Status, or- a Certificate of St. Helenian Status, or - a letter from immigration confirming the status.

Spouses, partners and children of passengers with St Helenian Status not traveling with the person with St Helenian Status. They must have: - a Spouse or Life Partner Exemption Certificate, or- a Dependant Exemption certificate, or- a letter from Immigration confirming dependent status, or- a certified copy of the St Helenian person’s passport and a letter confirming the dependent’s relationship.

Passengers with a visa issued by the United Kingdom.

Passengers with a Certificate of Exemption issued by St. Helena.

Entry and Transit Restrictions

Passengers who have been in Wuhan City and Hubei Province in China (People's Rep.), Iran, Italy or in Diego or Chengdu in Korea (Rep.) in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter St. Helena.

How to get Saint Helena visa by yourself

Photo Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Senegal passport holders need a visa to visit Saint Helena?

Citizens of Senegal must get a Visa to visit Saint Helena as tourist.